Thursday, 8 September 2016

To The Broken Mum

Whilst dropping my husband off at work one morning I sat in the car with tears rolling down my cheeks. The baby had been awake all night, I hadn't slept for weeks and I had a whole day alone with my 3 month old baby. I sobbed all the way to his work and when it was time for him to get out the car I begged him to stay. I felt frightened, I felt alone but most of all I felt broken. I felt like I had failed, the one job I was supposed to know what to do and I couldn’t do it.

So I wanted to write to all those mums feeling broken and let you know that you are not alone, you are not a failure and you are definitely not broken. Self doubt is such a big part of motherhood but you are doing your best and that is good enough!

You can do this and it will get better.
Natalie x

Natalie runs Cheltenham PANDAS and holds monthly meet ups for mums affected by perinatal mental health issues. The free support group provides mums with the opportunity to talk to others who have been through similar experiences, make friends and share stories with those who really understand without feeling judged. See their facebook page for more info

Footsteps Counselling & Care offers support and counselling for mums affected by perinatal mental health including depression and anxiety etc…..If you are worried about how you or a loved one is feeling please reach out and seek support.