Friday, 10 June 2016

What Kind of Charity Shop Shopper are You?

What kind of a charity shop shopper are you?

Are you a charity shop shopper? Either you are or you aren’t!  Would you say that’s true?

I definitely am!  I’ve always been a charity shop shopper.  I remember as a teenager regularly spending a day driving off to a nearby town in my 2CV for a charity shopping excursion!  I would buy baggy men's jumpers and boxy suit jackets and even men's dress shirts and cufflinks, all to wear with my ankle length flowing skirts and floor length white lace cotton petty coat teamed with my ‘oxblood’ DMs and often a floppy velvet hat. Well it was the late 80 / early 90s, but perhaps even for then a little ‘individual’. I loved it though, scouring the unfamiliar places for a little vintage brooch or an unusual book of poems…

I still love it and although I leave the men’s jackets & dress shirts well alone now I can still be found  trawling the Aladdin's cave of the charity shops.

So what kind of charity shop shoppers are out there? I think there are a a few definite 'types'!

The Treasure Hunter
The treasure hunter is like a magpie, always looking for that shiny item!  This shopper isn’t looking for anything in particular, just something fabulous.

The Bargain Hunter
This shopper is looking for a bargain, that favorite brand dress for £5, a pair of vintage heels or handbag going for a song, a designer item  just waiting to be found for under a tenner. It happens but you have to be patient !

The Eco Warrior
I’m sure we all hate what consumerism and excessive waste is doing to our planet. Why buy more new stuff when you can reuse and recycle and reduce waste? Our Eco Warrior shopper is happy to be saving a few pounds and helping the planet too.

The Thrifter
We all know a Thrifter right?  Won’t buy it unless it is the right price, saving a pound here there and everywhere. Who cares if it is old or ugly it works fine!  Lost of us have to be thrifty these days but some of us make a career of it!

The Upcyler
This shopper is a creative genius and is on the lookout for their next upcycling project. These are the people with a sewing machine on standby or a sander and tins of French Grey furniture paint at the ready.  Whatever they walk out with will never look the same again….

The Supporter
Of course we can’t forget the ‘charity’ bit. Many shoppers are all about the cause and will frequent the same shops regularly to help their favorite causes wherever they can.  

None of the above?
Charity shopping just not you? I have a friend who just never sets foot in a charity shop. She loves new stuff, that’s just the way she likes it. How about you?  Where do you fit?  

I’m afraid to say I think I am all of them!  Anyone else?

I’d love to hear about your type, have I missed anyone?!  I’d really like to hear about your best bargain too.  Comments below!

Before I go, I’d love to introduce you to our charity shop on Westgate Street in Gloucester. Come on let’s go in and see what we can find in there today…..

Please do pay us a visit, you never know what you might find!

If you just don’t get it like my friend, please do consider donating unwanted items for us to sell, we are always very grateful. You can drive right up to the door before 10am, or we can sometimes arrange to collect from you.  Just give the shop a call 01452 412380.  Opening hours are here.

At Footsteps we rely on our charity shop to fund our work providing free counselling support for anyone that has suffered a loss or trauma in pregnancy or birth. We support anyone in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds that has lost a baby for any reason including stillbirth, neonatal death, miscarriage, termination and ectopic pregnancy. We also support those who are suffering with infertility or involuntary childlessness, and those with post / prenatal depression and anyone going through a crisis or difficult pregnancy.  If you need support get in touch, we’re here to listen. 01452 308618.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

LK Bennett Fashion and Fundraising Event

Footsteps Counselling and Care recently teamed up with LK Bennett Cheltenham for a fabulous evening of fizz, fashion and fundraising!

On a fabulous early summer evening our Trustees, staff and supporters gathered in the beautiful LK Bennett Cheltenham store to enjoy a few hours of browsing the summer season collection of clothes, shoes and accessories.We had a lovely time trying and buying, and some of us especially enjoyed the glorious shoe collection!  We sipped a glass of fizz, had a lovely chin wag and enjoyed ourselves!  We even enjoyed a special discount!  Thanks Dexter and his Team!

We love our own charity shop of course but this certainly made a change!

We raised some money too!  As a small, local, independent charity we rely on our charity shop and other fundraising to keep our much needed work going. We support anyone who has sadly lost a baby for whatever reason, or anyone suffering from any other pregnancy related issues including termination, post or prenatal depression, crisis or difficult pregnancy and infertility struggles. 

This event was a great success as it helped us raise valuable funds to support our work and also helped us to spread our message that little bit further.

We are planning more events with our friends at LK Bennett, watch this space!  You too could be sipping fizz and enjoying beautiful fashion at a special discount as well as supporting Footsteps Counselling & Care. Win Win!

To find out more about what we do or how to support us please see the about us page here on our blog. You can also find a link to our Facebook page  and our website.

If you need counselling support please do get in touch. We are here to listen.
01452 308618.